During a flooding incident, your documents and books are at great risk. Both the water and the ensuing humidity in the air can cause permanent deterioration. The good news is that you can save most of your papers and books, but only if you act fast and work with caution.

It’s important to start salvaging your water-damaged photos, books, and documents within two days or they will start to become moldy and deteriorate. A professional water damage cleanup company can help with this process.

Saving Water-Damaged Photos

Saving Water-Damaged Books and Documents

Although you may be able to follow all of these steps yourself, hiring a document and photo restoration professional is generally a safer alternative. Trained technicians have the equipment and experience to salvage sensitive documents and bring them safely back to life. Fort more information visit www.FortCollinsRestorationPro.com or call (720) 721-3365.

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