Fireplace flare-up? Kitchen catastrophe? Grill gone wild? Unsightly smoke damage and soot can be tough to tackle, forming lasting stains if left untreated­­. Let the IICRC-certified experts at Fort Collins Restoration Pro help. From interior fireplace surrounds to exterior walls, learn how to clean smoke damaged brick today…

Stop! Don’t Just Wing Soot Removal!

The acidic nature of soot can make it difficult to remove. Throwing random cleaners at the problem and just starting to scrub can make matters worse. With the right tips and tricks, however, you’ll be well on your way to successful soot removal…

How to Remove Soot on Brick:

After Cleaning

Following smoke and soot removal, let your brick dry naturally, increasing ventilation with fans or by opening windows to aid the drying process. For permanently stained surfaces, or to make cleaning easier and control moisture issues, consider priming and sealing brick surfaces with a fresh coat of paint  to renew the look of your home.

Stubborn Soot?

Fort Collins Restoration Pro can help you solve even the smelliest smoke and soot problems. Learn more about our friendly fire restoration services today. Learn more about our company at

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