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Water Damage Restoration Service in Fort Collins, CO

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Wading through cold, muddy water is acceptable when you’re in a swamp but not when you’re in your own home. When water bursts onto the scene and makes a splash in your home, you can expect water damage restoration in Fort Collins, CO to be the service you need. The longer you let it go unchecked, the worse it’s going to get. Dampness invites mold and insects to take up residence in your home, making it unsanitary. If you’re ready to turn your swamp into a livable residence, we’re here to help.

5 Reasons to Choose Fort Collins Restoration Pro

  1. We have heavy-duty equipment for water damage, moisture removal, and damage restoration
  2. Our services are locally owned and operated
  3. We offer a fast inspection and professional advice
  4. Our sub-surface procedure hoovers up all the moisture from carpets and floors
  5. Available 24/7/365 for repair and damage restoration

Our Services

Water Damage

Water damage Fort Collins CO drains water, fixes leaks and cleans up the soggy mess. The priority is making the home habitable as soon as possible to prevent the musty smell from settling in. Call our restoration company as soon as you notice signs of leakages or condensation to minimize repairs needed.

Fire & Smoke Damage

Fire consumes thoroughly but there is always something to be salvaged after the damage is done. Smoke is much more insidious and most often infuses the home with a nasty stench that tanks the property value. Where there’s fire, there’s smoke, and where there’s both you need a professional fire damage restoration to deal with the aftermath.

Mold Remediation

Food in your home grows fuzz? That’s mold and it can be harmful to health. You might be having a water leak that’s saturating the air with moisture. Mold spores can trigger allergies or rashes and they simply adore moisture. It is very common for Fort Collins CO residents to struggle with mold growth or damage causing a need for remediation after experiencing a water leak or mold damage.

Emergency Flood Damage Restoration Experts

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The problems Fort Collins residents struggle with can come from many sources, from leaking roofs to burst pipes that cause a need for flood damage restoration. The most insidious source is the tiny drip that keeps coming without you even noticing. Timely inspection at the first sign of trouble can save you a small fortune in restoration costs.

If you have any questions about how to fix these problems, get in touch with our flood damage restoration experts. If you already know what’s wrong, we’ll be right there with the crew and the tools. Call us up for inspection, emergency repairs, and services that Fort Collins homeowners swear by 24/7/365.

Do You Need Disaster Restoration or Water Damage Repair?

If you spill a glass of water on the floor, you can make do with a dish rag. Two glasses of water can be done away with cleaning using a mop and a bunch of old newspapers.

When you run out of dish rags, mops and old newspapers, it’s time to call the professionals.

  • Warped floors?
  • Food that’s left out of the fridge grows fuzz?
  • Moldy books?
  • Flood damage?
  • Growing stains on the walls or ceiling?
  • Sweating window panes?

If you notice one or more above signs, you might need the professional water damage cleanup and restoration company in Fort Collins that residents rely on.


Q: What are some signs of excess moisture?

A: When the air is saturated with moisture, the droplets condense on cold surfaces, such as window panes. You’ll notice a stale smell in a room and the window panes will start sweating. This can be a cause of water damage.

Q: Is there a cheap way to draw moisture out of the air?

A: Opening doors and windows to create a draft helps for a couple hours. You can also put a small piece of quicklime in a bucket and set it in a corner, where nobody will touch it and nothing will drip on it. All of these are just band-aids and might even cause you more trouble than they’re worth if you have a serious leak thats causing water damage. The best thing to do is call commercial or residential cleaning & damage restoration pros right away.

Q: How do dehumidifiers work?

A: They use the fact moisture likes to condense on cold surfaces to draw it out of the air. A dehumidifier runs two sets of coils, one hot and one cold, first heating up the air and then letting the condensed moisture drip away.

Q: What is the ideal humidity in a home?

A: 50-60% should do the trick, but some people feel uncomfortable and have respiratory issues at that level. For them, a humidifier in the bedroom works fine.

Q: How to fix a burst water pipe myself?

A: You should first shut off the flow and locate the leak. If it’s a pinhole leak, you might be able to jury-rig a seal but for any larger damage and you’ll need the professionals. The pressure is simply too strong for household tools and cleanup materials.

Q: How to fix a roof leak myself?

A: You’ll have to get on the roof and figure out what’s going on. If something is damaged, you’ll have to replace the damaged parts. If you don’t fix it right, the minor damage can quickly become major.

Q: Can waterlogged items be salvaged?

A: Water damage teaches us that paper items, such as photos and scrapbooks, are the most valuable and yet the most delicate possessions we have. Blotting paper and paper towels are two solid options for salvaging paper items and helping prevent further damage but acting right away is key.

Q: How to restore waterlogged paper items myself?

A:  Rinse the items in order to remove mud and debris and remove framed photos from their frames right away. Baking soda will absorb the musty smell and a fishing line will serve as a clothesline for drying out the paper. Keep everything out of direct sunlight to prevent further damage.

Call The Best Water Damage Restoration Company in Fort Collins, CO!

We are here to bail you out and fix the leak that’s the source of your flood damage problems. No matter the source, we can plug the holes, dry up the puddle and start reversing the damage.

Stop wringing your hands and your mops, get in touch and we’ll roll in the big boy equipment. Great Fort Collins water damage restoration service is at your fingertips, so give us a call.

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Water Damage

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Day Or Night Emergency Cleanup

Day Or Night Emergency Cleanup